[Nagiosplug-devel] "Bug" in plugin check_users

Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Thu Oct 2 16:41:32 CEST 2008

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On 02/10/08 10:12 AM, Richard Edward Horner wrote:
>> On the bright side there's plans for a new thresholds system that would
>> put back all plugins on the same ground (and provide much more
>> flexibility), but development of this new feature hasn't yet started.
> Thomas,
> Has there been any discussion on this? I'm very interested as I'm not
> a huge fan of the current threshold system spelled out in the
> guidelines but this is the first mention I've heard of this.
> Admittedly, I've only been reading this mailing list for a couple
> months. If there's a thread in the archives or something...

The latest RFC is available there:


Although I had comments on them put the thread petered out... Basically
I think:

1. The format should be --thresh={definition} and definition should have
a "metric" parameter (or none, see quoted part of attached email),
instead of --{metric}={definition}. This is longer but IMHO more flexible.

2. There should be a "uprefix" and "unit" parameter to replace "uom",
where uprefix is the SI prefix (K=10^3, Ki=2^10, M=10^6, Mi=2^20, etc.)
and uom is the unit itlelf (B=Byte, b=bit, s=seconds, etc.). If
"uprefix" is ommited there could be "smart" defaults set by the plugin.

SI prefixes:

I attached the last email I sent on the last thread regarding this
subject, but I didn't update the RFC as Ton suggested because I did not
had any comments on that specific  part from the community, and what's
currently in the RFC has been throughfully be discussed before. Feel
free to restart a new thread though. :)

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