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On 28/09/09 06:43 PM, John Patrick Carroll wrote:
> I am talking about specific information for performance data returned by the check_users plugin, not performance data in general.


Usage:check_users -w <users> -c <users>

$ ./check_users -w 1 -c 2
USERS CRITICAL - 3 users currently logged in |users=3;1;2;0

Isn't that obvious?

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Somewhat, but it would be nice if the documentation was more robust, especially for a check that is included in the base set of checks for Nagios.  I don't think defining and documenting what the performance data actually means is much of a request.
Plus, in the performance data, what does the 0 at the end represent?  I would assume (assume because no documentation states this is so) the 3 is the current number of users, the 1 is the warning level, the 2 is the critical level, but what is the 0?


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