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Mon Oct 5 21:27:53 CEST 2009

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John Patrick Carroll wrote:
>> On 28/09/09 06:43 PM, John Patrick Carroll wrote:
>>> I am talking about specific information for performance data returned by the check_users plugin, not performance data in general.
>> $./check_users
>> Usage:check_users -w <users> -c <users>
>> $ ./check_users -w 1 -c 2
>> USERS CRITICAL - 3 users currently logged in |users=3;1;2;0
>> Isn't that obvious?
> Somewhat, but it would be nice if the documentation was more robust, especially for a check that is included in the base set of checks for Nagios.  I don't think defining and documenting what the performance data actually means is much of a request.
> Plus, in the performance data, what does the 0 at the end represent?  I would assume (assume because no documentation states this is so) the 3 is the current number of users, the 1 is the warning level, the 2 is the critical level, but what is the 0?

Then this is my first answer, the developer guidelines state exactly
what the performance string should looks like, and the label is usually

This string is meant to be machine-parsable and all the information you
need relative to a check should be in the check output itself. The
documentation is properly located considering that only people that
develop applications using this information need to know about the
details. There's no need for the users to know them beyond that it's
made for being processed by other applications.

If you believe that some checks are missing information then v3 output
and the new plugin thresholds should be the solution for it.

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