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Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Tue Oct 13 21:54:59 CEST 2009

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Richard Edward Horner wrote:
> OK, well, reading that page, I think it's an improvement over the
> current spec but I want to stress that ranges are not conceptually
> appropriate for a lot of situations and I doubt end users will want to
> think of their check_users call as either the OK range being 0 to 10
> or the critical range being 11 to infinity. I think making the end of
> the range like you mentioned helps with this but you're still left
> with the problem of you can't do:

I have to disagree with this. Most f the time we want to alert when the
value is over or under a certain threshold these two ranges do exactly that:


Advanced range specifications can usw an "outside range", for example
not in range 0..10:

It's also possible to specify is the values should be inclusive or

> check_users --critical=10
> and
> check_disk --critical=10
> and have them both behave as expected. One of them will require some
> "range" specific syntax when all I want to do is specify a level (and
> it's obvious which way it should go) and not a range. Even if the
> program itself is going to internally convert it into a range to do
> it's check, how the thing is programmed shouldn't dictate how the user
> has to interact with it.

The current thresholds used to support only one of these cases, and is
was confusing because users saw them as a "value" rather than a "range".
In this proposal we want to force the use of range so it's much more
intuitive to users. The first two examples above is all most users will
have to understand to define simple thresholds on any plugin.

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