[Nagiosplug-devel] check_disk option for Centreon

DOGUET Emmanuel Emmanuel.DOGUET at MANE.com
Tue Mar 16 14:09:07 CET 2010



I use since weeks  Nagios with Centreon (Migration from Hobbit/BB).

 I have wrote and adapts some  plugins (IO, Oracle, RAC...) for working fine with Centreon Graph.


Like for check_disk,  I have modified the perf data output for always display in bytes unit (only perfdata). 

With this it's centreon who interpret the Unit ( MB, GB ) on the graph.




Instead return:


DISK WARNING - free space: / 567 MB (62% inode=98%);| /=343MB;95;864;0;960


For Centreon it's better to return:


DISK WARNING - free space: / 562 MB (61% inode=98%);| /=365658112;;;



I can send a patch if you want.


                Best regards



PS: Sorry for my English... I'm French!








Emmanuel Doguet

Ingénieur système


Poste: 1442

GSM: 06 82 14 51 60


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