[Nagiosplug-devel] check_snmp HowTo

Eric Schoeller eric.schoeller at Colorado.EDU
Thu Dec 29 23:56:06 CET 2011

I certainly understand your situation. What you need to do is monitor 
two separate SNMP objects (OIDs) in order to comprehend a % disk 
utilization. This is not possible with the check_snmp plugin as it is 
currently written. You may check multiple OIDs within the same check, 
but you cannot perform any math or comparison between these values. 
You'd need to develop your own check to do this.

Now, when you use a directive in SNMP such as includeAllDisks, you can 
also specify a % which is what determines whether the disk is in a 
warning state or not with respect to space utilization. It may be 
possible to set your thresholds within SNMP and then monitor the OID 
which shows the state of the device and whether this threshold has been 
exceeded. I am not certain, but this could be reflected in hrDeviceStatus.

We use NRPE and the check_disk plugin for checking disk space.

Hope this helps

Eric Schoeller
University of Colorado Boulder
Office of Information Technology

irineo villanovaorts wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to monitor various parts of a remote system (cpu, swap, 
> disk ...) using the check_snmp module on icinga but my problem appears 
> when I want to set up the range for warning and critical 
> notifications. Most of the results I am getting from snmp are in KB 
> and what I would need is to have this in % then I could define the 
> min/max range for each component I want to monitor.
> So, to resume, for monitoring a disk space I would need to have a 
> total disk space for calculating the percentage of the disk usage and 
> then define a range in % for warning and critical but I have no clue 
> on how to do this.
> I hope I explained myself and that someone could give me a hand on this.
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric
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