[Nagiosplug-devel] New release planned this month

Holger Weiß holger at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Tue Apr 10 22:50:45 CEST 2012

* Frost, Mark {BIS} <mark.frost1 at pepsico.com> [2012-04-10 16:24]:
> The patch I had submitted was id 2975393.
> I never looked at id 3414894, but it looks like it does something
> similar.
> Is there anything I might be able to do that could help one of these
> move along to a release?  I'm assuming it's too late for this one, but
> I'd like to know what it's nailed down for some future release.

Looking into 2975393 and 3414894 is on my personal to-do list.  I'll do
that before the release.


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