check_http 1.5 issue with -N (no body) flag

Hughes, Kerry (KD) KDHughes at
Thu Dec 5 19:57:03 CET 2013

I recently upgraded my plugins to 1.5.  I had some check_http commands with the –N flag that broke.  I found switching the flag from –N to –no-body fixed my issue.  The documentation seems to imply these are supposed to be equivalent.

Is this an appropriate manner to file a bug or is there a more appropriate spot I should turn to?

Old commands & results:

$ check_http -V
check_http v1.5 (nagios-plugins 1.5)
$ check_http -H -u /mypath -e 302 -N
check_http: option requires an argument -- 'N'
check_http -H <vhost> | -I <IP-address> [-u <uri>] [-p <port>]
       [-J <client certificate file>] [-K <private key>]
       [-w <warn time>] [-c <critical time>] [-t <timeout>] [-L] [-E] [-a auth]
       [-b proxy_auth] [-f <ok|warning|critcal|follow|sticky|stickyport>]
       [-e <expect>] [-d string] [-s string] [-l] [-r <regex> | -R <case-insensitive regex>]
       [-P string] [-m <min_pg_size>:<max_pg_size>] [-4|-6] [-N] [-M <age>]
       [-A string] [-k string] [-S <version>] [--sni] [-C <warn_age>[,<crit_age>]]
       [-T <content-type>] [-j method]
$ check_http -H -u /Pages/default.aspx -N -e 401
Invalid argument
HTTP CRITICAL - Unable to open TCP socket

New commands and results:

$ check_http -H -u /mypath -e 302 --no-body
HTTP OK: Status line output matched "302" - 653 bytes in 0.140 second response time |time=0.139759s;;;0.000000 size=653B;;;0
$ check_http -H -u /Pages/default.aspx --no-body -e 401
HTTP OK: Status line output matched "401" - 353 bytes in 0.092 second response time |time=0.091702s;;;0.000000 size=353B;;;0
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