check_http 1.5 issue with -N (no body) flag

Holger Weiß holger at
Thu Dec 5 20:47:11 CET 2013

* Hughes, Kerry (KD) <KDHughes at> [2013-12-05 18:57]:
> I recently upgraded my plugins to 1.5.  I had some check_http commands
> with the -N flag that broke.  I found switching the flag from -N to
> -no-body fixed my issue.  The documentation seems to imply these are
> supposed to be equivalent.

D'oh, indeed.  This is now fixed in Git¹ and in the current "maint"
snapshot².  Thanks for reporting the bug.

> Is this an appropriate manner to file a bug or is there a more
> appropriate spot I should turn to?

Using the mailing list is fine, but if you report a bug in the future
and get no response within a few days, you should submit an issue³ on
GitHub so that it doesn't get lost.



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