[Nagiosplug-devel] Nagios and JAVA plugins

Páll Guðjón Sigurðsson palli at ok.is
Tue May 28 13:19:54 CEST 2013

My two cents,

The new_threshold_syntax is just a proposal. And to my knowledge no one is working on making it 'official'. We support the new syntax for the new syntax, but the legacy (and inferior) syntax is currently our main one.

Note, however that they are not mutually exclusive. You can have your plugins understand both :)


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Hi all. 

I write here to ask you all for a suggestion. Some year ago I started an open source project called JNRPE ( http://jnrpe.sourceforge.net ) that allows to easily write Nagios plugins using JAVA and is fully compatible with check_nrpe. 

JNRPE is bundled with some plugin : at the moment all the plugins use the old range format ([@]start:end). 

Since I'm in the process of releasing version 2.x, my question is: do you think it would be better to keep using the old range format or would be better to use the new threshold specification ( http://nagiosplugins.org/rfc/new_threshold_syntax )? 

I've already implemented all the classes needed to parse the new syntax, but I'm not sure that it would be a good idea (most Nagios plugin uses the old format and I didn't want to diverge too much!). 

Thank you, 
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