Add commandline -T switch to check_time and check_ntp_time (#1246)

Thomas Guyot-Sionnest notifications at
Thu Apr 17 21:59:00 CEST 2014

I understand your point, however I'm looking at a larger scale: there
are many plugins that can be used for multiple purposes. check_http is
normally used to check the health of an http server/service, however I
can write a simple http "application" that turn it into a remote
monitoring tool. Now I may want to tell check_http what state I want to
have timeouts to return because I already have monitoring on the server
itself and I really care about what the service state is, not the http
server that is running my check.

Same thing goes for SNMP. If I use snmp for controling devices, I may
want to monitor and alert on its responsiveness. OTOH snmp checks that
timeout or fail because there is a problem with the sub-agent may have
to be handled differently.

It's a pretty obvious one for NRPE, check_*sql, etc. too.

I think giving more control to the user on the state returned for a
timeout on most plugins where it makes sense will help you achieve your
goal.. my point is that it's not limited to check_*_time.



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