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Holger Weiß holger at
Mon Feb 3 10:12:44 CET 2014

* Thomas Guyot-Sionnest <dermoth at> [2014-02-02 15:37]:
> Initially I was on the side of having all or most github notifications
> sent to the ML, but there's the issue of replies being sent without any
> author information.

Right, that's odd.  In the meantime, I had written a script for
filtering the notifications¹, as the feedback so far looked like most
subscribers wanted them.²  That script also removes the "Reply-To:"
header which allowed for replying without author information.  The
notifications now just include an HTTP URL that says "if you wanna
reply, do it here".  That's not optimal, but personally I'd still prefer
that solution over not having the comments on our mailing list
(archives) at all.

> I don't really want to filter out the ML emails as I want to see
> whatever is being sent there, at the same time I'd like to reply to my
> own subscription emails so it's clean who is commenting.

I didn't quite get this part.  Personally I'd subscribe on GitHub and
filter out the GitHub notifications that went to the list.

> 1. Can we create a "watcher" team on GH that sets the notifications by
> default, where users can join and leave on their own (will default
> notification settings be part of the team? if not then that is pointless...)

I don't think that's possible.

> 2. Let's say I want to bring up a bug to the attention of the devel
> list, what are the impact of cc'ing the list? will replies show up on
> the ticket and how?

You won't be able to setup a "Reply-To:" address that allows for also
replying on the ticket.


  Right now this script still accepts all notifications, but it already
  adds a header line that depends on the content:

  - X-MP-Content: GitHub status change
  - X-MP-Content: GitHub comment

² Feedback so far:

     Option                         | Votes | Percent | Remarks
 (A) forward all notifications      |   8.5 |      39 |
 (B) forward only comments          |   6.5 |      30 | 1 of them also fine with (A)
 (C) don't forward any notifications|   6   |      27 | 1 of them doesn't really care
 (D) don't care                     |   1   |       5 |

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