Update check_icmp to use op5 version (#1238)

Holger Weiß notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 19 14:46:42 CET 2014

Ah sorry, I had only commented on IRC.	Thanks a lot for your offer!

>From what I saw, Andreas imported some version of `check_icmp` into the op5
repository early in 2007.  Comparing that to our version from that time
resulted in a >1000 line diff.	Since then, 11 commits were applied to the
op5 version, and something like 35 to ours, IIRC.

So, comparing our versions doesn't seem totally trivial.  I was going to
take a closer look, at least at those 11 commits, but didn't get to it yet. 
I'm happy about any concrete suggestions as to what we should pull, of

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