Update check_icmp to use op5 version (#1238)

Anton Löfgren notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 19 15:18:05 CET 2014

I agree, it's definitely not trivial and, even though I'm not clear as to
why, I think it's unfortunate that they've diverged.

How about you have a look at ours and see if there's something you
definitiely do not want and vice versa? For an obvious example, I guess you
don't care much about redirecting users to the op5-users mailing list for

Hopefully, we'll be able to reach some sort of consensus on what we want the
final result (or at least a good approximation of it) to look like and I'll
do my best to patch up the history from both repos. In the best of worlds,
that'd allow us to kill off our fork entirely and just ship the upstream
version to the benefit of everyone involved.

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