Update check_icmp to use op5 version (#1238)

Holger Weiß notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 19 15:39:04 CET 2014

> How about you have a look at ours and see if there's something you
> definitiely do not want and vice versa?

Sounds like a plan.  Basically, I think we want everything that looks like
it makes the world a better place :-)

We obviously don't want to loose previous fixes of ours; `cd plugins-root;
perl t/check_icmp.t` shouldn't break; and for extra happiness, new stuff
should come with new test cases where it makes sense.

I went through your commit messages (and some of the commit diffs) and they
all look good to me (except for the obvious contact information changes you
mentioned).  I didn't look through the initial diff yet ...

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