Update check_icmp to use op5 version (#1238)

awiddersheim notifications at github.com
Wed Mar 12 03:53:54 CET 2014

@catharsis sorry for the late response. Been quite busy as of late. Thanks
for starting to look at this. I originally had issues with the intervals
using the monitoring-plugins version and the help that it gives isn't
actually very helpful when it comes to explaining what the intervals do. If
you download the two and run it with various `i` and `I` options and look at
the help output you'll see what I'm talking about.

That was the main factor that drove me to find that the op5 version was
different/better in that area. Again, I haven't looked at the plugin or code
very closely outside of those two things but I'd imagine there are probably
other bugs that would be worth fixing and having in the monitoring-plugins

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