Add commandline -T switch to check_time and check_ntp_time (#1246)

langemeijer notifications at
Thu Mar 20 16:20:52 CET 2014

My usage is /path/to/check_time -H --warning-variance=2
--critical-variance=60 --timeout-warning

> 60 seconds time diff: CRITICAL
> 2 seconds time diff: WARNING
server unavailable: WARNING (not critical)

Will your negate command have the same behaviour? isn't it negating the
result? OK<->CRITICAL?

Even if it works, I'm not sure if I like your solution. It's not very
obvious what is does, my solution seems more self-documenting.

As for the generic solution: The time server being used, is NOT the time
server being watched. There are not many tests where a host is used that is
not the primary target for the test.
check_http tests a http server and it's response. A timeout on this test is
an issue that can be dealt with.

I doubt a --timeout-warning commandline switch would be useful on other
tests. In fact: I had the code for it in other checks, thought about it, and
removed it for this pull request.

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