[Nagiosplug-help] Problem enabling Hostextinfo

Donald A. McCallum mccallum at nemsys.com
Tue Aug 13 11:50:04 CEST 2002

Hi everybody,
I have a working Nagios up and running, however I am having a bit of a
problem working with the extended info.  I did NOT compile with the
"--with-template-extinfo" option.  (unless it does this by default)

I have been going through the documentation and have not managed to find
out what I am missing.

I have tried the following to enable my router to show up as a router
and not a question mark.

1.  I used the following line in my CGI.cfg file


2. I tried creating a hostextinfo.cfg file using the following
define hostextinfo{ 
	host_name ROUTER
	icon_image router40.png icon_image_alt Router
	vrml_image router40.png 
	statusmap_image routerl40.gd2 
	2d_coords 100,250 
	3d_coords 100.0,50.0,75.0

3. I did try changing win40.* to unknown.* to verify I was referencing
the correct place, and all of my images changed to Microsofts logo
instead of a questionmark.

Any help would be appreciated.  If I missed something in the
documentation feel free to point me back there. I have been known to be
blind on occation.

Thanks in advance,
-Don McCallum
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