[Nagiosplug-help] 2 questions about plugins : check_procs & c heck_log

Volker.Aust at premiere.de Volker.Aust at premiere.de
Thu Aug 29 00:49:05 CEST 2002

Hi Thomas,

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> Subject: [Nagiosplug-help] 2 questions about plugins : check_procs &
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> Hi,
> I'm running nagios 1.0b5/ nagiosplug1.3b1 on debian 3.0 (woody). 
> Netsaint, oops, nagios works fine but I'm encountering problems with 
> plugins usage and especially check_procs & check_log.
> *First check_procs:
> Forget nagios config, I just run check_procs on command line 
> like this :
> ./check_procs -w 80 -c 95
> System call sent warnings to stderr
> CRITICAL - 143 processes running
> So as you can see I received a warning message "System call sent 
> warnings to stderr" and Nagios only intercept the warning and 
> said this 
> line in the web interface. I don't know where this message is coming 
> from because when I do a 'ps aux' I received no more message except 
> processus line ... any idea, I put a strace of the command 
> below at the 
> end of the mail.

The strace show the following message:

> read(5, "Bad syntax, perhaps a bogus \'-\'?"..., 4096) = 33

The ps-command print this error message on STDERR and the plugin read this
and print the message "System call sent warnings to stderr". You can see the
ps-command-line in the plugins/config.h file in the directory there you
compile the plugins. The line looks like '#define PS_COMMAND "/bin/ps
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"' where the 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx' are the parameters configured by
the ./configure-script. What happend when you call this line?
> *Then, check_log:
> Here, I don't understand the usage on the command line, I tried :
> #./check_log -F /var/log/messages -O /tmp/bidon -q error
> Log check data initialized...
> It copies my var/log/message in the the file /tmp/bidon
> and if I retry my command or if I modify it I always received that:
> #./check_log -F /var/log/messages -O /tmp/bidon -q error
> ./check_log: line 200: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
> ./check_log: line 215: syntax error: unexpected end of file
> So to do simple: how does this plugin works ? (the -h is not 
> so useful)

Did you use the netsaint or nagios plugins? Which version? My check_log
scripts (netsaint-plugins-1.2.9-4 and nagios-plugins from the cvs) do not
have a line '215'.
> Hope a good samaritan could help me ;)
> Thx & A+

Hope this helps.


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