[Nagiosplug-help] Re: [Nagios-users] NSclient & windows XP

Christian Vanguers wangee at linuxbe.org
Mon Nov 25 13:30:03 CET 2002

> Didn't see any information on this last time I sent it to the mailing
> Gonna give it one last try.
> I am looking into monitoring some XP professional machines with nsclient.
> Counters.defs has:
> W2K_SystemTotalProcessorTime = "\Processor(_total)\% Processor Time"
> W2K_SystemSystemUpTime = "\System\System Up Time"
> W2K_MemoryCommitLimit = "\Memory\Commit Limit"
> W2K_MemoryCommitByte = "\Memory\Committed Bytes"
> Memory and System are not in the counters list for a WXP machine.
> Is there a way to add it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Personally, i do the following :

  --> Start
  --> Parameters
  --> Configuration Pannel
  --> Administrative tools
  --> Performances
  --> Right click on the right panel
  --> Add counters
  --> Add the wanted counter, then close the window
  --> Right click on the counter on the bottom of the right panel then
  Then, you can find the full path of your counter.

Hope this helps,


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