[Nagiosplug-help] assistance please

Robert Hayne robert.hayne at sjrb.ca
Fri Aug 15 12:43:04 CEST 2003

I have compiled up nagios with plugins to do some monitoring of a solaris
network.  Versions used included 1.3.1 plugins, v1.1 of nagios and v4.2.6 of
ucb-snmp.  The web pages work fine and so do most other checks however the
check_snmp returns no data recieved.  Searching the web shows this to be an
error of the v5netsnmp code.  This problem was corrected with v4.2.6 being
used instead but the problem still exists.  Going one step further I watched
packets from the server (running Solaris 2.8) and noticed no packets.  The
generated command (snmpget) works fine.
Please has anyone else seen this problem?

Robert Hayne 
Sr System Administrator
Network Monitoring Group 
Shaw CableSystems GP. 
Calgary Alberta 
ph# 403 750 7480 

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