[Nagiosplug-help] RE: Nightly builds on sourceforge?

Voon, Ton Ton.Voon at egg.com
Thu Feb 13 01:54:02 CET 2003

I've had a look at File Releases and I don't think it is really catered for
nightly builds. Not only does it appear unscriptable (you can upload files,
but you need to go through a web front end to apply), but it wants to retain
every file released, which would be a horrendous waste of space for our
purposes. I've raised a call to sourceforge for a way to support nightly
builds - I'll update here with any responses.

Actually, Subhendu has got a news item that references
http://www.debisschop.net/src/nagios, but it is called "Compiling Plugins".
If it is okay, I think I'll create a news item called "If you have
problems..." which will basically be the stuff in the SUPPORT file.

By the way, the SUPPORT file is not being distributed. I'll make the change
to Makefile.am when I can.


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> Voon, Ton writes: 
> > There seem to be quite a few problems raised which is fixed in newer
> code.
> > I'm guessing that most people that come through sourceforge do not know
> > about the nightly builds. It is possible to put the nightly tarball
> builds
> > onto sourceforge (with the usual disclaimers, unstable, alpha, etc)?
> Maybe
> > once a week basis? Or a news item to point people to
> > http://www.debisschop.net/src/nagios/?
> I thought there was a link on nagiosplug.sf.net -- I was wrong. 
> If I could figure out a way to automate the push to the ftp site, I would.
> I 
> tried some, but have not had the time to make a dedicated effort. If you 
> can, that would be great. 
>  --
> Karl 

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