[Nagiosplug-help] convert java code to plugin ???

Pascal Miquet p.miquet at hafiba.fr
Tue Jan 7 05:18:04 CET 2003

you may use a script to encapsulate your call. This is may be not the
best solution...
Also note that you might implement some critical and warning return

Several perl script exist into the plugin directory, you may have a
There is also a documentation on HOW coding plugins for nagios. Checks
on the web site, into the FAQ you may found it.
Pascal Miquet

Le mar 07/01/2003 à 02:41, Peter Krzystofiak a écrit :
> I have code that when it is executed, it prints one line
> example:
> java -cp x.jar RunX   ====>  System.out.println will print a
> "GOOD" or "BAD" depending on status of the thing that is being monitored.
> how to i go about turning this into a nagios plugin?
> i've dug deep through tons of documentation and have 
> no idea how to convert this code into a plugin.  (I know that 
> there exists a mailing list for plugins)
> Input is welcomed
> Thank You,
> Peter
> pkrzystofiak at endeavors.com
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