[Nagiosplug-help] Check_ircd

Sarah internet.tech at virgin.net
Thu Jan 16 09:04:03 CET 2003

      check_ircd - invalid argument 
      Any ideas what im doing wrong here 

      libexec]# ./check_ircd -v -H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 
      MAIN(debug): hostname = something.host.name 
      MAIN(debug): binding to remote host: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - 
      > 6667 -> something.host.name 
      IRCD UNKNOWN: Could not connect socket (Invalid 

      something.host.name and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx are valid 
      hostnames and ips just edited out in this post 

      I get the same (IRCD UNKNOWN: Could not connect 
      socket (Invalid argument)) as status when it is run by 

      ./check_ircd -V 
      check_ircd (nagios-plugins 1.3.0-beta2) 1.3 
      The nagios plugins come with ABSOLUTELY NO 
      WARRANTY. You may redistribute 
      copies of the plugins under the terms of the GNU 
      General Public License. 
      For more information about these matters, see the file 
      named COPYING. 

      This is when it is run in its unmodified form installed 
      from source and compiled, or usign an rpm build 

      Thanks in advance for any advice. 



Date: 2003-01-15 21:58
Sender: sghosh
Logged In: YES 

Is your IRC server running on port 6667 ??

Please followup on the mailing list.


Yes It is running on 6667 

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