[Nagiosplug-help] please help!

Wandy wandy at angelove.cc
Wed Jan 22 13:12:04 CET 2003

need help from both of you,

could you teach/tell me how do i use check_nagios plugins?
could you teach/tell me how to set check_nagios plugins to have OK/DOWN status?
please give me one example both of that questions!

about hostextinfo :
could you teach/tell me how to set hostextinfo to have pretty icons on status map in cgi.cfg file?
and please give me one example for it!

i was try to configure that but the result is null, the status map icons didn't change :(
here are the list of configuration that i made :

hostextinfo[www.angelove.cc]=$HOSTNAME$;win40.gif;win40.jpg;win40.gd2;esp webserv;;;
hostextinfo[redhat.angelove.cc]=$HOSTNAME$;linux40.gif;linux40.jpg;linux40.gd2;esp redhat;;;
hostextinfo[redhat73test]=$HOSTNAME$;linux40.gif;linux40.jpg;linux40.gd2;esp test;;;

could you help me to correct and comment about that configuration!

ok thats it
please help!
thank you.

root at angelove.cc

Nobody Perfect


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