[Nagiosplug-help] please help!

Wandy wandy at angelove.cc
Thu Jan 23 12:00:02 CET 2003

Hi Tom :)
wow thats great Tom :)
huiuuu what the cool nagios settings hehehe

it worked Tom :)
Thank you very much Tom,
for your help :)

o ya i think you forgot teach me how to use/set check_nagios plugins to get OK/DOWN status?
i need that command couse i still try to configure
redundant and failover monitoring.

when we configure that failover monitoring then we need to use 3th party program (i use nrpe here) to check nagios status on remote machine.
hehehe maybe you have some tips for me again for that problem :)

ok thats it,
for one time, thank you Tom for your help :)


>Hi Wandy, take a look at http://nagios.square-box.com  login and
>password both guest. Then take a look at http://demo.square-box.com
>where I have all the configs I used to build the site.
>I notice from your examples below you are using the old method. You
>really want to use the new template based method for config files, its
>so much easier.
>Have fun, any probs drop me a mail and I'll try and help you out
>Tom Welsh
>twelsh at square-box.com 
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>need help from both of you,
>could you teach/tell me how do i use check_nagios plugins?
>could you teach/tell me how to set check_nagios plugins to have OK/DOWN
>please give me one example both of that questions!
>about hostextinfo :
>could you teach/tell me how to set hostextinfo to have pretty icons on
>status map in cgi.cfg file?
>and please give me one example for it!
>i was try to configure that but the result is null, the status map icons
>didn't change :(
>here are the list of configuration that i made :
>p webserv;;;
>40.gd2;esp redhat;;;
>;esp test;;;
>could you help me to correct and comment about that configuration!
>ok thats it
>please help!
>thank you.
>root at angelove.cc
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