[Nagiosplug-help] Checking Remote (local) services

Volker Tanger volker.tanger at discon.de
Thu Jan 30 01:06:02 CET 2003


David Corbin wrote:
> I have a small home LAN that I'm using Nagios on.  I know there are a 
> number of ways (well, at least two) for executing a plugin on a remote 
> system (like check_disk) -NRPE  & SSH.  Are there others?  What are the 
> advantages and disadvantages of the various choices.

Main advantage of an SSH version is that the data automatically is 
encrypted and you can check system status without even having to install 
software on the client system e.g. hardened firewalls. As example see 
http://www.wyae.de/software/aslcheck/ for such checks via SSH.


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