[Nagiosplug-help] Checking Remote (local) services

Karl DeBisschop karl at debisschop.net
Thu Jan 30 22:34:12 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 07:30, David Corbin wrote:
> Karl DeBisschop wrote:
> >On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 19:05, David Corbin wrote:
> >
> >>I have a small home LAN that I'm using Nagios on.  I know there are a 
> >>number of ways (well, at least two) for executing a plugin on a remote 
> >>system (like check_disk) -NRPE  & SSH.  Are there others?  What are the 
> >>advantages and disadvantages of the various choices.
> >
> >I find the small LAN to be a great place to use check_snmp
> >--
> >Karl
> >
> Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but that seems like I have to do a lot
> of configuration of every server to support SNMP then, don't I?  SNMP 
> terminology has always been very confusing to me (not that I might not
> figure it out this time ;)

I find ucd-snmp (net-snmp) on RedHat to be pretty easy. I expect it is
also easy on other unices. Plus, on unix, you generally just config
once, the copy the file, right?

If you're concerned with windows, then it can be harder. There are some
people who had used snmp with windows and nagios, but I've not been
successful. To be fair to M$, I haven't tried to hard. But alot harder
than I did with ucd-snmp.


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