[Nagiosplug-help] problem with checks and a connection load balancer

Giuliano Zorzi g.zorzi at tecom.it
Mon Jul 14 03:51:13 CEST 2003

 I have to check the http server running on a linux box wich is
reachable using two different IPs. the server is connected to a line
balancer wich is connected to two dofferent ISP. 
I defined two hosts in nagios, one for every IP address. When I try to
run check_http -H xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx it works fine for both IPs. Inside
nagios I get everytime one of the two hosts as down. Obviously this is
no correct as the web server is reachable using both the IPs.

Any idea about this ? Is this possible to check a host only if another
host is down ?

thanks in advance
Giuliano Zorzi
Tecnico R&S
Tecom sas
Via Gigli, 3/B - 38033 Cavalese (TN)
tel +390471-441111 fax +390471-441133
g.zorzi at tecom.it

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