[Nagiosplug-help] RE: [Nagios-users] could not be performed due to a fork() error.

Marc Powell mpowell at ena.com
Mon Jul 14 15:31:35 CEST 2003

I'm not familiar with hp-ux but the same type of error under linux would indicate a lack of resources for spawning the process (memory/cpu/process limits hit). Perhaps that applies here?





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Any can help me about this messeger...?????


 Warning: The check of service 'PING' on host 'PetropolisII' could not be performed due to a fork() error. The check will be rescheduled.

i'm using hp-ux (unix)

Sem mais,


        Carlos Eduardo Dionizio
     Analista de Suporte - UNIX
    Universidade Estácio de Sá 
Diretoria de Tecnologia da Informação



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