[Nagiosplug-help] check_disk 1.7 problem: Disk "/dev/sda3" not mounted or nonexistant

Jan-Hendrik Palic jhp at addix.net
Tue Jul 15 02:50:01 CEST 2003

Hi .. 

On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 07:27:49PM +0200, Justin Albstmeijer wrote:
>fixed it,
>I used a modified spec file that had the following configure option:
>Removed this line, build de rpm again, problem solved..

not for me ;(
I got an undefined DF_COMMAND while building ;(.

But --with-df-command="df -T" it works .. (on Debian ;) ).

But I discovered another problem for me. Have a look:

|troi:~$df -haT
|Filesystem    Type    Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
|/dev/hda2     ext2    186M  122M   55M  70% /
|proc          proc       0     0     0   -  /proc
|devpts      devpts       0     0     0   -  /dev/pts
|/dev/hda1     ext2     43M   11M   30M  27% /boot
|               xfs    2,5G  1,3G  1,3G  51% /usr
|               xfs    2,5G  610M  1,9G  25% /var
|               xfs    996M  961M   36M  97% /home
|               xfs    5,9G  5,7G  206M  97% /mnt/compile
|troi:~$/mnt/compile/woody_build_chroot/home/palic/nagios/nagios_debian_addix_package/nagiosplug-1.3/plugins/check_disk -w 20% -c 10% /
|DISK OK [55676 kB (30%) free on /dev/hda2]
|troi:~$/mnt/compile/woody_build_chroot/home/palic/nagios/nagios_debian_addix_package/nagiosplug-1.3/plugins/check_disk -w 20% -c 10% /usr
|Unable to read output:
|/bin/df -T /usr

It seems, that this Plugin can only parse the df output right, when we
have no newline. If the partition is too long for the coloumn, df breaks
the line, check_disk cannot handle it ;(


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