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I’m more than willing to provide disk space and web access for a
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Hello All, 

Like many Nagios sites we have developed many plugins to perform various
functions, whether it be a whole new set of scripts or modifying
exisiting ones to retrieve other information, such as different SNMP
MIBS. Some have taken a few minutes to create, others more like

It has been mentioned before on this mailing list, but how would people
feel about creating a list of applications/services/hosts which are
being monitored by Nagios and contributing their code so that others may
share and learn from it ? This way it may also persuade people to go
with Nagios and see from the outset what it can do. I know that there is
the Nagios Plugin SourceFourge but I am talking about at a far more
detailed application level. 

I cannot promise to organise it all, but I would be able to help. 

Matthew Quinney
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