[Nagiosplug-help] Network unreachable

Jesús M. NAVARRO jesus_navarro at undominio.net
Thu Mar 13 14:54:04 CET 2003

Hi, Norbert:

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 22:35, Norbert Schollum wrote:
> i did this already.
> i am proofing the ping of heise.de every 30 seconds
> ok i can decrease this interval to 5 seconds or sth. 
> but this is no guarantie that the check of another machine is
> schedulded
> just in the moment the network goes down.
> i must have this guarantie. there should be no fake alert 

Then you won't guarantee there won't be unnoticedly downed services
(That's not Nagios, but a general matter: you either follow a
non-false-positive policy or a non-false-negative one; I'd bet the
non-false-negative is the one to follow here, I mean, you'd prefer
having *some* false alerts better than overlook failing hosts).
jesus_navarro at undominio.net

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