[Nagiosplug-help] Escape characters for check_http in checkcommands.cfg

Jim Matthews jim.matthews at notes.duke.edu
Tue May 6 06:40:25 CEST 2003


>From the command line, I issue the following command:

check_http -p 8080 -u /alt_site/page?DoSomething -s "</HTML>"

The command executes correctly.  I am trying to setup Nagios to automate 
this command. 

My checkcommands.cfg entry looks like this:

# 'check_tomcat'
define command{
        command_name    check_tomcat
        command_line    $USER1$/check_http -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p $ARG1$ -u 
$ARG2$ -s $ARG3$

The checkcommand services.cfg entry looks like this:

check_command check_tomcat!8080!/alt_site/page?DoSomething!</HTML>
However, the last argument, </HTML>, doesn't work correctly because of the 
< and / characters.  How can I escape these characters?  I tried using 
quotes "" around the tag in the check_command entry and single quotes ' ', 
but they didn't work.

I scanned the mailing list yesterday (the search function was not 
working), but I didn't see anything for this.  Any help would be greatly 

Jim Matthews 
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