[Nagiosplug-help] check_nt with perfdata (How to request upgrade?)

Cook, Garry GWCOOK at mactec.com
Tue Aug 10 09:50:13 CEST 2004

Nagiosplug-devel would probably be the best list to send your request,
or you could post a feature request on the plugin site at sf.net.
However, it appears as though the plugin maintainers have been very busy
for a while, possibly with 'real work'. I don't know what the priority
level of adding perfdata to plugins is, as opposed to bug fixes and

I'm going to take a swack at adding perfdata to check_nt. The only issue
is that I'll need to install a Windows C compiler (any suggestions?).
Actually, that's not the only issue, the other issue is that I don't yet
know C very well. I just picked up a book a few weeks ago, and I've only
read it through once. So, I'm not promising anything, just thought I'd
let you know that I'm going to give it a shot.

I'm also very busy with 'real work', so I'm not sure how much time I'm
going to have to devote to this. Please don't bombard me with messages
asking when it's going to be done, as the answer could possibly be
'Never, if you are waiting for my version.' You are hereby on notice
that IF I can make it work, I WILL post to both nagiosplug lists, and
submit it back to the sf.net site. And if someone else manages to do it
first, I'll probably quit trying and use theirs.

Garry W. Cook, CCNA
Network Infrastructure Manager
MACTEC, Inc. - http://www.mactec.com/
303.308.6228 (Office) - 720.220.1862 (Mobile)

nagiosplug-help-admin at lists.sourceforge.net wrote:
> Still haven't seen anything yet, I looked at the code,
> but it looks beyond my skill set. Check_ping was easy
> to modify, maybe there's a request list we need to
> submit this to? I'd really like to see the results
> graphed...
> --- Sand Philipp <Philipp.Sand at sycor.de> wrote:
>> Just to warm up this topic... Is there a new version out yet?
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>> 	Haven't seen one yet, there's about 3-4 of us
>> waiting... :) Let
>> me know if you find one...
>> 	Thanks..
>> 	"wp.junior" <wp.junior at terra.com.br> wrote:
>> 		Hi all.
>> 		Is there a check_nt plugin version that returns
>> in performance data format?
>> 		Regards,
>> 		Wilso
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