[Nagiosplug-help] NSClient Failing after a few minutes

Thomas Stocking tstocking at itgroundwork.com
Sat Dec 18 16:59:15 CET 2004

Hi all,
I'm using NSClient 2.01 on several Win 2000 servers. This works fine for 
most of them, however I am seeing two that exhibit some bad behavior.
The service will fail after a few seconds to a few minutes from restart. 
The event log contains a message about the service "stopping suddenly".

These systems were working fine for months. The failure was occasioned 
by routine maintenance.
The SA for these systems applied the latest Microsoft security updates 
and patches and restarted.

I'm using a different port than the default (12480). I had an issue with 
the default port (1248) as have others, but changing it seems to have 
fixed things.  I have not seen this problem before. Anyone seen it? I'm 
afraid Microsoft may have broken this agent, and we need to find a 

Is anyone maintaining this now? support.tsmgsoftware.com is off the air...


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