[Nagiosplug-help] check_http -m and binary (gif, in particular) responses

jon gold dev at samizdatdigital.org
Thu Dec 30 19:01:02 CET 2004

fwiw, i put a few printfs into check_http.c and confirmed that this is 
the case -- pagesize is (minus the headers) the length of the gif.


jon gold wrote:

> pardon me if i've overlooked any previous discussion about this, but i 
> couldn't find any in the sourceforge archives.
> has anyone used check_http and -m to check that an image being returned 
> from a url is of an expected size? i tried -m with the number of bytes 
> i'm expecting, but the check fails. using -v from the shell, i can see 
> that in fact the Content-Type is gif, and the Content-Length is what i 
> expect for the byte count, but i can't find a way to use check_http to 
> get at or confirm that fact. the -s option seems to only work for the 
> body, and the -e only gets the first line.
> looking at check_http.c, it seems that the length check is done with 
> strlen:
>     if ((min_page_len > 0) && (page_len < min_page_len))
> but since my page is a gif, and since strlen only goes up to the first 
> (and presumably string-terminating) 0, i assume i'm getting incorrect 
> results due to the fact that 0 is valid in the middle of a gif. i'll try 
> and build http.c for myself and make some changes to confirm this, but 
> it seems like a likely cause.
> is there any reason not to use the value of pagesize which is computed 
> during the page retrieval instead of strlen? if there is, could we think 
> of adding a new switch, maybe something like --min-binary-length which 
> would not do a strlen check, but a pagesize one?
> jon
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