[Nagiosplug-help] HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 401 Access Denied

jeff vier jeff.vier at tradingtechnologies.com
Tue Jan 13 10:00:00 CET 2004

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On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 11:26, Johnston Michael J Contr AFRL/DES wrote:
> I just tried it doing what you said and you're right.  I cannot connect to
> the either sites using lynx.  If it's a configuration problem, what do I
> need to look at?  Thanks again for your help. :)

The usual culprit causing a 403 error is permissions and/or ownership.

Make sure the directory and requested file is readable (and executable,
in the case of the directory) and owned by the user that thw eb server
daemon runs as.
What web server are you running on that Linux box?

As for the Win2K server...my best guess is the viral operating system :)

(seriously - I don't know anything about windows (by choice))

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