[Nagiosplug-help] Notify_via_jabber.pl - Ident/Auth with server failed

Nikolaj Friis Larsen nikolaj at techbiz.dk
Sun Jan 25 13:45:02 CET 2004

Edited the notify_via_jabber.pl with:

SERVER => 'www.jabber.dk' (Not sure this is the right one to use)
USER => 'my-user at jabber.org' (this is what is says in the top of my
Exodus client)
PASSWORD => 'my-login-password' (this is the password I use to log in on
my Exodus client)
RESOURCE => 'Exodus'

Then I try sending with this command:

./notify_via_jabber.pl another-user at jabber.org hello

This gives me: Ident/Auth with server failed: -

What am I doing wrong??
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