[Nagiosplug-help] any plugins to check oracle on remote machine?

Andre Bergei andre.bergei at ementor.no
Mon Jan 26 05:27:01 CET 2004

>I've installed oracle on Win2k,and i want to check it by using nagios. Well,oracle and >nagios are on different machines,namely nagios has been installed on RedHat 8.0.I know >that if oracle and nagios are installed on the same box,maybe i can use check_oracle' 
>which is included in nagios-plugins to realize it.But my case is different ,and I've 
>got no idea. Does anyone have a solution?

Start the "oracle intelligent agent" on your oracle server, you can connect to it with SNMP, and poll a wide range of montitoring and performance values.

Info on the mib here;

This section "Designing Management Applications" should be of interest; 


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