[Nagiosplug-help] Using passive-only plug-ins

Earl C. Ruby III earl at switchmanagement.com
Tue Jul 6 17:32:23 CEST 2004

How do you set up a passive-only plug-in without having it show up with a big 
red warning flag that says "SERVICE CHECKS DISABLED"? 

According to the docs:

"If you only want passive results to be provided for a specific service (i.e. 
active checks should not be performed), simply set the active_checks_enabled 
member of the service definition to 0. This will prevent Nagios from ever 
actively performing a check of the service. Make sure that the 
passive_checks_enabled member of the service definition is set to 1. If it 
isn't, Nagios won't process passive checks for the service!"

I have active_checks_enabled set to 0 and passive_checks_enabled set to 1. 
This gives me a passive-only check -- no scheduled checks, status only 
changes when an event comes in via nsca.

However, I also get a big red warning that says "SERVICE CHECKS DISABLED" on 
this service check. Anyone using Nagios who sees that will automatically 
think something is wrong and re-enable the check. Since Nagios requires a 
check_command for every service, the "dummy" check I have in place gets 
executed and its status value over-writes the valid status.

If I had a "dummy" check command that wouldn't alter the current status that 
would work, or if there was some way of telling Nagios that "This is a 
passive-only check and you should never ever try to do the active check -- 
don't warn me about it and don't give me the option to turn the active check 
back on" -- that would work too. 

Has anyone done this?

Earl C. Ruby III
Senior Systems Engineer / Developer
Switch Management

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