[Nagiosplug-help] Regardin nagios installation

carole verdon verdon at cict.fr
Mon Jul 26 01:50:01 CEST 2004

On computer 2, you must just install NRPE daemon and nagios plugins.


pushpendra singh wrote:

>i got ur id from nagios help group.
>i am new to NAGIOS and find it very interesting.
>thuogh i have studied documentation regarding NAGIOS
>installation but i wasnt that much clear.
>so could u just clear my following doubt.
>1.i have installed nagios in one computer(say
>computer1) and it has got no problem.This act as as
>NAGIOS console or the NAGIOS server.
>2.Now if i have to know the status of other computer 
>(say computer 2)then
> do i have to installed Full nagios in that computer  
>too(computer 2) or just the plugins NRPE.
>i hope u will reply soon.
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