[Nagiosplug-help] Re: available plugin; check_apc_ups_snmp

Peter Radcliffe pir at pir.net
Tue Jun 1 13:04:09 CEST 2004

Horvth Tams <zsitfa at axelero.hu> probably said:
> I always got the following output: "Unable to get SNMP response: .".

This means it failed to get all the information via SNMP (the
$session->get_request() failed).

> I've read through the code and tried different OIDs with
> check_snmp. It worked! The only thing which didn't worked is the
> %apcoids (.

. is just one part of %apcoids, listed in the
source as;

  'name' => '.',
  # RFC1155-SMI::experimental.
  # string: full name of the UPS

> Sorry, but I'm not a programmer and I absolutely don't know perl. I
> think that the %apcoids - which contains the full name of the UPS -
> is used to get the response, and this valuse is not the above
> mentioned for my UPS.

You're not making sense and not reading the source correctly.

> How can I determine the right value, or what does this %apcoids
> exactly used for?

%apcoids stores all the OIDs and gives them a named reference so they
are more human readable and can be changed or updated easily.

The $session->get_request() call requests the information stored at
the listed OIDs, into $apcoids{} and from there it is parsed and tested.

My source for the OIDs was, as listed in the source;
along with snmpwalk-ing the UPS to see what was there.

The error you listed comes from a failure to get the SNMP data for all
the OIDs listed in %apcoid (there are 10 of them, not just
. I can't tell you why that failure is
happening with that little information, could be any one of a dozen
different things...

If your UPS doesn't have some of the OIDs used (which is impossible
for me to tell, you'd have to test) then take them out of the list and
remove the checks on them. Or upgrade your UPS's network card firmware
(which I'd strongly advise anyway since there have been lots of
problems with older firmware) to see if they get added.



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