[Nagiosplug-help] Problems with plugins

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at margo.bijoux.nom.br
Thu Jun 3 19:23:00 CEST 2004

Hello all.
I'm trying to obtain perfdata on the machines monitored by nagios , but
for some reason I cant.. With the help from Ben , from the nagios-users
list , I've found out that the problems lie in the plugins.
First , I used the plugins package available in debian-unstable. It
works , but no perfdata. The weird thing is that I get perfdata on one
of the two nagios installs I have on the machine. 
Tried to compile the plugins from source (tried the latest two versions
avaliable in sourceforge) and two things usually happen. If I run
check_ping , it either doesnt recognize the ping output or it recognizes
it and gives me no perfdata. 
For the tests , I'm using this command:
./check_ping -H -w 5000,100% -c 5000,100% -p 2

The two usual outputs:
1 - compiled from nagios-plugins-HEAD-200406020514.tar.gz  :
-bash-2.05b$ ./check_ping -H -w 5000,100% -c 5000,100% -p 2
/bin/ping -n -U -w 12 -c 2
Error: Could not interpret output from ping command

2 - From the debian package:
-bash-2.05b$ ./check_ping -H -w 5000,100% -c 5000,100% -p 2
PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.16 ms

Is there any hidden switch to print perfdata or something I'm missing

Pedro Macedo

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