[Nagiosplug-help] PerfParse v0.09

Michael Huettig Michael.Huettig at Medien-Systempartner.de
Mon Jun 21 00:12:02 CEST 2004

Hi Ben,
i read your documentation about perfparse and have some questions:

Is it necessary to build nagios for perfparse with options 
--enable-embedded-perl	--with-perlcache?
I have some problems with embedded-perl using nagios-1.2, some plugins (1.3.1) 
don´t work correctly.
For Suse81 there only exist mysql-3.23.52-106, i read that you need 
mysql-4.xx, so my question is, is it possible to use mysql-3.23? 

I think your project is very usefull and easier to configure than apan. What´s 
your environment, we are checking about 350 hosts with round about 1000 
services, are there any problems checking a lot of hosts and services in 
perfparse on a P-III-1000 with 256 MB -RAM?

Please let me know, thanks for your information.

With best regards

Michael Huettig

Am Freitag, 18. Juni 2004 18:18 schrieb Ben Clewett:
> There is a new version of PerfParse, 0.09.  For users upgrading from
> other versions, please be aware of a minor name-change of the CGI programs.
> This version contains grouping of hosts, which some users requested, as
> well as many smaller enhancements and bug-fixes.  Thanks for all the
> users who gave me good feedback, and Yves and Garry for contributing so
> much to the project.
> Please let me know of any problems, never mind how small, and enjoy the
> next version.
> Regards, Ben Clewett.
> http://perfparse.sourceforge.net/

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