[Nagiosplug-help] Pushing Nagios plugins over ssh

Jacob Joseph jmjoseph at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jun 30 12:02:29 CEST 2004

Andreas Ericsson wrote:
> Jacob Joseph wrote:
>> Andreas Ericsson wrote:
>>> Jacob Joseph wrote:
>>>> Check_by_ssh still requires that the command to be run exist on the 
>>>> remote machine.  My script allows both distribution and running of 
>>>> the plugins.
>>> Does it allow automagic propagation (if the plugin doesn't exist, 
>>> copy it over before trying to run it)?
>> Yes.  That was one of my primary motivations.  It actually checksums 
>> it to be sure that it's the latest.
> Ok. So where can we find this script? It seems sort of nifty, and if it 
> can be easily adapted to multiple environments it's most likely worth 
> checking out.

Take a look at push_check.sh at the bottom of 


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