[Nagiosplug-help] Nagios LDAP plugin + AD

Mark Reis mcr2z at cs.virginia.edu
Mon Nov 22 07:59:01 CET 2004


We are attempting to use the Nagios LDAP plugin to check our Microsoft 
Windows AD Servers. The check_ldap plugin works fine from the command 
line, but no matter what I seem to try, nagios cannot get the LDAP base 
passed in..


Here is my results from the CL:
../libexec/check_ldap -H demeter -b dc=cs\,dc=virginia\,dc=edu
LDAP ok - 0 seconds response time

Here are all of the settings I've tried in the
$USER1$/check_ldap -H $HOSTADDRESS -b dc=cs\,dc=virginia\,dc=edu
$USER1$/check_ldap -H $HOSTADDRESS -b dc=cs,dc=virginia,dc=edu
$USER1$/check_ldap -H $HOSTADDRESS -b "dc=cs\,dc=virginia\,dc=edu"
$USER1$/check_ldap -H $HOSTADDRESS -b 'dc=cs\,dc=virginia\,dc=edu'

Nagios always has the following error: please specify the LDAP base

I've even attempted to pass in that value through $ARG1$

Any suggestions of what I can do aside from use an outside script to 
call it?


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