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Nagios Community:

I'm about to migrate my Nagios 1.2 server to a new machine (more hosts means
needing more power). As my old install has been running for close to a year
and a half - what's the latest status of plugins that integrate with
rrdtool? Specifically, I'm looking for ones that also support SNMPv3. Last
time I implemented, SNMPv3 was implement only a day or two before I rolled

Currently, 95% of the plugins I'm using are custom coded. I've started to
integrate a few of them with rrdtool to determine problems over a period of
time (ie: interface error rate over the last X hours). I'd like to have them
all integrate with rrdtool (similar to cricket) so that I only have to read
the metric once and be able to use it for a) generating alerts b) storing
data to graph trends c) alert based on automated trend analysis.


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