[Nagiosplug-help] FW: PostgreSQL plug-in

Tony Heal theal at pace2020.com
Tue Feb 15 08:54:57 CET 2005

I am trying to compile the check_dns and when I run ./configure the
config.log grep dns reads:

less config.log |grep dns
PLUGIN_TEST='t/check_disk.t t/check_dns.t t/check_fping.t t/check_ftp.t
t/check_hpjd.t t/check_http.t t/check_imap.t t/check_load.t t/check_mysql.t
t/check_ping.t t/check_pop.t t/check_procs.t t/check_smtp.t t/check_snmp.t
t/check_swap.t t/check_tcp.t t/check_time.t t/check_udp.t t/check_users.t

I can see the check_dns.c file in ./plugins directory but not the .o file.
With nothing in the config log to tell me I ma doing something wrong it is
difficult to troubleshoot.

Anyone have an idea of how I should proceed.

BTW Thanks to Anjan Dave for the help with my pgsql prob. installed the
correct dev library using apt-get install postgresql-dev and the check_pgsql
plugin works built fine.

OS=Debian 3 (woody)

Tony Heal
Pace Systems Group, Inc.
theal at pace2020.com

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