[Nagiosplug-help] plugins ./configure hangs

Tom Loebach loebach at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 20 09:21:40 CET 2005


    Are you trying to build this on cygwin? The
configure script will hang if you installed the cygwin
ping package. Let me know if this is the case and I
can  help you with a lot more detail. If you are
building on a different platform, you will need to
edit the configure script to bypass the ping statement
that hangs the script for your platform.

--- Thomas Bolioli <tpblists at terranovum.com> wrote:

> The configure script for the plugins (1.4) hangs at
> the last line there for
> ping syntax. Anyone know why?
> Also, I have stock 1.02 config files (I edited the
> sample ones) I would 
> like to use. Can I use them with 2.0b with little
> issue or should I 
> start from scratch?
> Thanks,
> Tom
> checking for strtol... yes
> checking for strtoul... yes
> checking return type of socket size... int
> checking for ps... /bin/ps
> checking for ps syntax... /bin/ps -axwo 'stat uid
> ppid vsz rss pcpu comm
> args'
> checking for ping... /bin/ping
> checking for ping6... /usr/bin/ping6
> checking for ICMP ping syntax...

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